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Trust and mutual assistance are the two eternal pillars on which the humanity rests. Therefore, when our grateful customers show loyalty to the company, we repay the favor. And when we say the word “pay”, we mean it in a very literal sense! Attracting the attention of new investors to our innovative platform is yet another way for your to make money. Any client of the company can receive bonuses for attracting new participants. We distinguish two types of bonuses:

To partners of the company: that is, to those participants who share their referral link with others on the Internet.To official representatives of the company: that is, leaders with a team of investors and / or an advertising platform.

The best part is that you can become a partner of the company, even without having to open your own deposit in our system. Thus, idynamixltd.com allows you to earn money with zero investment and absolutely no risk whatsoever.

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from  1% to 5%
AFFILIATE PROGRAMstandard referral bonus


for our partnersUsing your personal referral link, you can receive bonuses from deposits not only of those people personally invited by you, but also from those invited by them, in their turn. This is how the multi-level idynamixltd.com referral system works.
SPECIAL OFFERfor representatives

01 Bring new partners

Share your referral link with your friends, colleagues or fellow investors on the Internet.

02 Receive bonuses

In the form of a cash remuneration for each new deposit opened by your partners.

Are you a businessman interested in cooperation? Or an internet entrepreneur with an advertising platform of your own? Or just the leader of a cohesive group of investors who want to expand their investment portfolio? In any case, we are ready to offer you the best conditions, which include VIP support and increased referral rewards from your team's deposits.

Submit your request using the feedback form on the "Contacts" page, or simply contact us in any other convenient way and we will be glad to discuss the terms of cooperation.

#Representative advantages:
Increased rewards from your partners’ depositsAccess to VIP-only events and promos
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A well-thought-out referral system allows you to receive bonuses not only from partners invited by you personally, but also from those whom they invite themselves, and even those invited by their partners.


All bonus rewards are accrued to your account at the moment when your partner opens a new deposit.Then you can either reinvest these funds or withdraw them to your e-wallet.


As soon as an investor registeres on our platform via your link, you won’t have to do anything else, the bonus will be automatically credited to your account every time your partner opens a deposit.

Why choose us?

Fruitful cooperation

Cooperation with an officially registered financial institution has much more advantages compared to working with private asset managing traders. Legal security and ability to work on special terms on various trading floors across the globe are just the tip of the iceberg. Let us just say this – you will never have to deal with diversification, market analysis, and risk calculation yourself. Our team will do all of it for you, and much more than that.

The only thing you need to know is that a team of professionals with vast experience in the field of currency trading works for you at idynamixltd.com around the clock. You just have to sit back, relax and watch your capital growing – or actively increase it even more with the help of our referral program.


idynamixltd.com has all the necessary permissions and licenses to conduct financial activities in each of the countries where our branches are located. Thanks to mutually benefitial cooperation within Asia, US and EU funds.We are able to work on the most favorable terms and offer our customers the highest ROI in the market.

idynamixltd.com offers you financial independence, protection of your funds and significant growth of your capital without any specialknowledge or skills required on your part. Don’t miss your chance to start a new life today. If you have any questions, be sure to visit our “FAQ” and “About the Company” pages, and also do not forget that our friendly customer support is always ready to help you.


We use the most reliable and time-proven software and up-to-date technical means of data protection in order to prevent any possible data leakage and quickly eliminate any vulnerabilities.Our platform is reliably protected from DDoS attacks and malware, and our technical department monitors all idynamixltd.com systems 24/7.


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