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The investment platform of the future

The history of our company starts in the very beginning of the XXI century. In the 2000s, the appearance of new technologies gave a powerful impetus to the development of exchange trading and innovative types of investments. Along with the global spread of affordable Internet and mass production of personal computers, many experts have come to the conclusion that brokerage and trust asset management can also be brought online.

In 2009-2010, something has happened that has forever changed the domain of finance – of course, we are talking about the creation of the first cryptocurrency and the implementation of Blockchain technology. This prompted the founders of idynamixltd.com to create an online platform, because the adoption of new tech gave us the level of security and efficiency that was previously unreachable for ordinary users.Initially, the online platform was conceived as an invite-only VIP club for top class traders and big investors. However, over time, we came to the understanding that the real advantage of modern economic model is globalization. We decided to make the platform open to all newcomers, and this decision instantly began to bear fruit. Today the financial turnover of the company increases exponentially, and with its increase, the net profit grows as well – and we gladly share it with our clients.

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Traditional approach

In the digital age, it’s easy to drop our guard and commit mistakes, because money today is just numbers on the screen.But not for us! We carefully select the direction of our financial activities and work out reliable strategies.

Innovative solutions

Despite our conservative approach to security, we are in fact a young and aspiring team open to fresh ideas.We use the latest developments in the field of trading operations, as well as actively introduce Blockchain technologies.

Ideal balance

Diversification of assets and careful planning allows you to find a middle ground between high profitability and risk.Risk minimization is exactly what makes us stand out from all other offers in the market.

Official registration

The key to your peace of mind

As a financial institution, we are well aware that money management requires a transparent and trusting relationship between a client and a brokerin the market. Therefore, we are always ready to provide our partners with any information they may be interested in. We always conduct our business openly, and our activities are absolutely legal.

idynamixltd.com is an officially registered company operating within the framework of international financial legislation, which ensures protection of our users both from the legal and financial side.

Official company


idynamixltd.com as a legal entity is registered in the United Kingdom.

We make sure that our clients do not have to worry about any legal issues. You don’t need to go through bureaucratic red tape (which may be quite brutal sometimes) in order to participate in our program, and we pay all associated fees and penalties from the reserve fund of the company.



Any user data transmitted through our website is protected by strong encryption protocol, as you can see by the presence of an EV SSL certificate.The idynamixltd.com platform runs on dedicated servers that are equipped with the latest software to protect your funds from any hacker attacks and malware.
IDYNAMIX LTDAddress: 4 Stigand Lane, Greenhithe, England, DA9 9XX


We plan to issue our own token, designed to increase the usability of our platform and provide our investors with another highly profitable asset.



The idynamixltd.com platform has much more potential than just market intermediation - we ourselves can become a market!

At the moment, we are engaged in the development of convenient tools for trading on the internal exchange.


Today, the company already has a number of elite real estate transactions in the USA, France, Switzerland and Germany.

In the future, we plan to expand this market by adding an investment component to it.


Of course, we are not goint to stop anywhen soon. Active preparations are underway for entering the markets of Asia, Australia and South America.

Join us - all the best is yet to come!

Professional community

Only the best ones work for us

idynamixltd.com’s personnel policy prescribes a thorough selection of applicantson a competitive basis. In terms of exchange trading, this means that we monitor the productivity and profitability of top traders for an extended period of time (at least one year) before offering them cooperation.

We do not interfere in the trading process and do not impose our directions – it is important for us to witness the traders in their normal working environment to understand whether we can entrust investor funds to them. Only true professionals can receive an offer from our company.

We pay no less close attention to the choice of other employees: analysts, managers, programmers, supportagents. Vast experience in the required area of expertise and extremely positive results in the previous place of work are a must for those who want to join our team. idynamixltd.com is a step up the career ladder for any specialist.

Moreover, we always actively cooperate with our partners in terms of advertising and public relations. If you are a leader capable of inspiring others, contact us and we will be happy to offer you a position of a regional representative of the company.


Although headquartered in Singapore, idynamixltd.com has branches and offices in 7 more countries, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.


Even if the company does not have a physical office in your city or country, it`s not a reason to be upset, because thanks to the online platform, you can invest from anywhere in the world.


The idynamixltd.com platform is available on any device, including smartphones and tablets, and your personal account is as simple and easy to use as never before. Your finances are at your fingertips.


idynamixltd.com has an impeccable payment history. We always fulfill our obligations to users and provide them with the timely payments of dividends and bonuses within the terms specified in their investment plans, and in accordance with the conditions set forth in our user agreement